You'll Find Something to Celebrate with Haton's Rosé Champagne

You'll Find Something to Celebrate with Haton's Rosé Champagne

Lately, we're in the habit of toasting to all the good things that come our way: vaccines; a pause on wine tariffs; tulips in the park; restaurants, theatres and museums reopening; weddings galore; and babies being born.

The list keeps growing, and all have inspired a cheers with a glass, or two, of Champagne.

With so many good tidings, one might start feeling the financial burden of popping bottles of Champagne daily, but our luck knows no bounds! We’ve found another budget-busting bottle of bubbles, in a seasonally-appropriate style and at an all day, everyday price!

Last October we introduced you to Champagne Jean-Nöel Haton, a family-run estate that's been producing beautiful bubbles for nearly a hundred years. Autumn's non-vintage Brut offering was creamy, rich and toasty, perfect for the upcoming cold weather.

In contrast, today’s brut rosé is a perfect homage to springtime.

Their estate is in the Vallée de la Marne, known for its undulating hills and diverse soils of sand, clay and chalk — a painter's palette of flavors and textures for a winemaker to work with.

Along with purchased fruit from other trusted farmers, the Hatons vinify each parcel separately, and then meticulously blend to find harmony and balance in each cuvée.

This is a 'morning, noon and night' fizz, with invigorating bubbles, brisk acidity, high notes of tart cranberry and bass notes of spice and orange, all in a springy raspberry-tinted hue.

It is incredibly tasty and at this price, we can afford to keep going back for more. We are offering deep discounts on full cases so you too can keep up with the celebrations.

Jean-Noël Haton, Champagne Brut Rosé, NV