Domaine Lucien Crochet, Sancerre La Croix du Roy Blanc, 2017


Chiseled and powerful, this is a beautiful version of Sancerre, with lots of zippy fruit and flowers—think crisp pear and lime blossom—undercut by tons of crisp minerality. 

“Croix” is one of the Crochet’s most age-worthy and deeply mineral bottlings, culled from the chalky vineyards in Bué and Crezancy. Like any good Sancerre, it's refreshing, crisp and herbaceous, but also more structured and complex than you might expect.

The culprit for this surprising seriousness comes from great farming, the combination of two principal Sancerrois soil types (Kimmeridgian marl and Oxfordian limestone), and masterful, traditional winemaking. 

We’ve drunk mature (6-10 years) bottles of this wine that were extraordinary, bursting with seashell and citrus notes that remind you Sancerre is quite close to Chablis. Anyone with a little cellar space would do well to throw a few bottles of this on their racks.