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Chacra, Chardonnay, 2021


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Jean Marc Roulot was at dinner at Guillaume d’Angerville’s place with their friend Piero, the founder of Argentina's culty Chacra winery. Piero mentioned, while discussing his Patagonian terroir, his desire to try making a white cuvée in Argentina.

Now, Roulot is one of the best Chardonnay growers on the planet, so he’d be a good guy to chat up about making white wines of terroir. But he doesn’t seem a likely candidate to jet off to Patagonia and start making Argentinian Chardonnay.

But Piero had found a unique terroir in Patagonia and Roulot was intrigued. Intrigued enough to propose working with him, and when Roulot visited he found, in his words, a “magical place” where “nature is so strong.” This was an opportunity to do something new: work with a friend, “not trying to make a copy of Burgundy in Argentina—totally different. Trying to produce a good Chardonnay in Argentina.”

And that’s what they’ve done. Piero’s magical terroir and Roulot’s Chardonnay touch come together to make an amazing, totally new white wine. The Chacra Mainque Chardonnay comes from three plots with sand over mineral soils with river rocks and limestone. Desert-like weather (hot days, cold nights) make ripe fruit with good acidity.

Professional Reviews

Robert Parker

RP 96
"I missed the Chacra wines the last time I covered Argentina during the pandemic, so from the 2018s, we jump to the 2021s whites, the top of which is the 2021 Chacra Chardonnay, produced by Jean-Marc Roulot with the help of the Chacra team. It comes from the proper Chacra Vineyard, from 40-year-old vines on mineral soils with alluvial stones covered with calcium carbonate. It fermented with indigenous yeasts, 10% in clay amphorae, 15% in concrete eggs and 75% in French oak barrels, and 75% of the wine matured in barrel for nine months, while 25% of the volume was kept in concrete for that time. It has 13% alcohol and a pH of 3.3. There is a big jump in subtleness, precision and elegance from the other Chardonnay; this comes from better vines, with better soil, more limestone, and it shows the energy, the chalkiness and the sapid sensation, almost saline in the finish. It's high pitched, pure, elegant and subtle, with a velvety mouthfeel but vibrant and full of energy, floral, perfumed, nuanced and with great purity and precision, like a laser cut with the Roulot laser... 14,000 bottles were produced. It was bottled in January 2022." -Robert Parker


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