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Hermann Ludes, Riesling Thornicher Ritsch Kabinett Feinherb "Gackes Oben", 2022

by Hermann Ludes


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The 2022er Thörnicher Ritsch Riesling Kabinett Feinherb “Gackes Oben” was made from fruit harvested at 77° Oechsle on 70-75-year-old vines in the upper front part of the vineyard and was fermented down to off-dry levels of residual sugar (17 g/l). The nose immediately captures one’s attention as it offers plenty of refreshing and airy elements of anise, minty herbs, spearmint, candied citrusy elements, orange blossom, and aniseed, all wrapped in a blanket of fine slatey smoke. The wine is vibrant on the palate as plenty of spicy and zesty flavors, which give it a superbly dynamic and focused edge. The finish is chiseled, focused, and superbly long. The aftertaste is marked by smoke, lime, and ginger-driven spices, and above all shows huge energy. This is a splendid dry-tasting and racy wine, made for lovers of straightforward and sharp Riesling. It only needs a few years to round off its edges. 2026-2037


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  • Grape Variety


  • Vintage


  • Size


  • Farming Practice


  • Style

    Herbaceous , Juicy , Minerally

  • Sweetness


  • Body

    Light Bodied

German Wines

Is there a better grape than Riesling? Is there a better value? Its fruit purity, its perfume, and its mineral nuance are all unparalleled. And for centuries, the top German Rieslings were priced accordingly: at least as expensive as the top red wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy. But nowadays you could spend a lifetime exploring Germany’s great Riesling-producing regions while staying well within your budget. You might take an occasional break to try Germany’s other white grapes or perhaps a glass of Spätburgunder (the local name for Pinot Noir). It’s time to get started!

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