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Pierre Paillard, Champagne Grand Cru Extra Brut Rose Les Terres Roses, NV


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Brothers Antoine and Quentin are the 8th generation of their family to care for their 11 hectares of vineyards in the Grand Cru of Bouzy and the 4th to bottle their own wines from them. Especially noteworthy is their extensive use of massale selected cuttings, sourced from two parcels, planted in the 60's and 70's, which make up their ecologically diverse vineyards. Propagating vines from from old vine material means they can choose parent plants which perform best, both in terms of disease and weather hardiness, and flavor and texture profiles, leading to extraordinarily complex wines. This vinous rosé with a 65% Chardonnay, 35% white Pinot Noir and 7% fully ripe Bouzy rouge, the still red wine that gives Rosé Champagne its color and spice. The wine spends 3 years on the lees for optimal flavor and structural development. It retains a fresh, intense character thanks to only 1.8 g/l of dosage for a pure, tart finish.


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Bouzy is probably the best village name in all of winedom. And when we talk about it we get to say thing like, "Pierre Paillard is a true Bouzy specialist." What could be better than that? Well, fortunately, the wines!

We've featured lots of great Blanc de Blancs Champagnes from the Côte des Blancs, but fewer of Champagnes great Pinot Noir terroirs, like the stunning villages of Ambonnay and Bouzy, which are a mere 700 yards apart on the same slope. Ambonnay is probably the more famous, thanks to Krug's Clos d'Ambonnay. But the Pinot Noir grown in Bouzy is so magical and pure that it's one of the few parts of Champagne that is almost as famous for its still red wine as for its bubbles.

As we said, Pierre Paillard is one of the few true Bouzy specialists. He has about 11 hectares there, mostly Pinot Noir. He farms organically and takes a very classic approach in the winery with the principal aim of promoting freshness: low temperature fermentations, steel tanks, and very low dosage.

The wines therefore have good snap, but with more Pinot than Chardonnay they aren't the taut, chalky things you find further south. Instead, you get sensuousness—even lustiness!—and that mysterious earthy flavor that even hard-core Burgundy fans just can't quite put a finger on.

Paillard is patient and he takes his time aging and releasing his wine. Even the basic "Brut" is made from grapes picked 5+ years ago.


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Champagne boasts some of the world’s greatest luxury brands with Krug, Cristal and, of course, Dom Perignon. But it’s also home to hundreds of small dynamic producers—farmers who grow their own grapes (often organically) and make (often with natural methods) tiny amounts of pure and absolutely delicious wine that reflect the individual personalities of their villages and terroirs. Toast with these wines, for sure. But also treat them like the great wines they are: taste, drink, explore!

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