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Foradori, Vigneti delle Dolomiti Teroldego 'Granato', 2019

Red Wine from Other Italy, Italy
by Foradori


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A champion of Biodynamics and the natural wine movement, Elisabetta and her children have been making with the Teroldego grape. This unique variety has firm tannins, flavors of wild strawberry and dark cherry, and notes of mountain herbs. The name Granato refers to pomegranates, which often grow together with grapes in the Mediterranean basin.


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Elisabetta Foradori has been a darling of the natural wine movement and a champion of Trentino for decades. She has adopted many ancient wine making techniques, but always strives for balanced, clean and long lived expressions of her native varieties.

A champion of Biodynamics, selection massale, experimentation and the natural wine movement, Elisabetta and her children have been making strides in Trentino. Their slice of heaven is known as the Campo Rotaliano, a 400 acre flood plain formed by the the rivers Adige and Noce bordered on its three sides by sheer rock faces. The ultra-draining soil is a an alluvial conglomeration of mineral rich rocks and silt from all over the Alps. It is the spell that unlocks the magic in her favorite grape, Teroldego. Once thought an insipid wine for early drinking, Elisabetta and others have now proven it to be as intense and long lived as the rest of the world's finest red wines.


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