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AJ Adam, Goldtropfen Riesling Trocken, 2019

White Wine from Mosel, Germany


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A. J. Adam takes us to Dhron, just off the much-beaten path of the Mosel river. Dhron is named for a river that flows into the Mosel. Its steep, slatey vineyards form the tributary's northern bank.

The sites are steeper and at higher altitude than most of Mosel. The wines are a little wispier and saltier. The fruit is cooler and whiter.

Adam is Dhron's undisputed star. He makes extraordinary dry Rieslings and Kabinetts from Hofberg, the top site in Dhron.

What importer Skurnik Wines has to say about this wine...

Grape: Riesling
Vineyard: Goldtröpfchen
Soil: Grey Devonian Slate
Production: Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel

Goldtröpfchen lies like a huge amphitheater in the outer loop of the Mosel, which flows around here Piesport. In its orientation, it stretches from southeast to south to southwest. The sunshine duration in the vineyards is long, east and west slope protect the opposite side from wind. With a slope of 30 to 70 percent, their vineyards are sometimes extremely steep. The easily warmed soil is comprised of deep, very weathered, dark Devon slate that contains quartz and minerals. In some places there is a high share of fine earth. The site generally has good available water capacity.

The name “Goldtröpfchen” means “gold droplet” and varies theories about its origin exist. It could possible come from the Celtic word for hill or mountain, “col”. Another hypothesis points to the glittery soil or golden drops of liquid that form on the ripe or botrytized grapes as a name source. Then again, even the value of the wine can be compared to gold. What is known for certain is that the Romans grew wine here in the year


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