Brand Bros, Pfalz Riesling Trocken, 2020

White Wine from Pfalz, Germany
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The Brand brothers have been working their family's vines in Germany's Pfalz region from tender ages — in fact, one of them wasn't yet of legal drinking age when they took over (here in the States, at least). From rocky limestone soils and hills so steep that tractors can't be used — horses have to be called in — they produce an assortment of delightful wines, including this Riesling in a liter bottle. It's aromatic and richly textured, yet has a dry, crisp finish and ample minerality. 

Founded in 1891, the Brand winery has been producing wine in the Pfalz for five generations. However, the Brand brothers are electrifying their little town and this forgotten region. And they are doing so with huge smiles and a raucous joy in their role as stewards for the land.

Their vineyards are located on limestone-rich soils around the village of Bockenheim, in the northern part of the region, along the border of the Rheinhessen. Daniel and Jonas' father, Jürgen, always farmed their vines responsibly, but when his children took over, they immediately transitioned to organic viticulture, gaining certification in 2017.

It’s a rather curious blend of youthful exuberance, a surplus of energy and an unflappable belief in the future of viticulture in their vineyards, tempered by a maturity that is surprising given their ripe ages of 26 and 30. The Brothers Brand also utilize biodynamic treatments, always experimenting to discover which practices work best in their vines. All of their wines are made with little, if any, added sulfites.


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    Crisp , Juicy , Minerally

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    Light Bodied

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