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Cappellano, Barolo Chinato, 2018


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The Cappellano Barolo Chinato 2018 is an exquisite expression of the Chinato tradition, with its base wine sourced from the renowned Gabutti vineyard. Celebrated for its aromatic infusion of herbs, barks, and spices, this wine offers a complex palate, less bitter than an amaro, and exudes bittersweet aromas accented with a smooth caramel finish. This fortified wine is a testament to the Cappellano family's innovation, being pioneers of the Chinato style, and their dedication to traditional, low-intervention winemaking.

Enjoyed historically for its medicinal properties, Barolo Chinato is now savored as an elegant after-dinner beverage, ideally complementing the richness of chocolate. The diverse botanicals, including rhubarb, gentian, orange peel, cardamom, and cloves, contribute to its distinct profile, making it a cherished choice for those who appreciate a refined digestif. With a 17.5% ABV, it presents a perfect balance of intensity and nuance, reflecting the storied legacy of the Cappellano estate in Piemonte, Italy.


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Serralunga is extreme. No village in Barolo produces wines of greater structure and longevity. We understand that has to do with its soils, as no village in Barolo has a greater concentration of limestone.

When dealing with such a lion of a terroir, it must be tempting to find a whip that will tame the beast. For a wine-maker, that could be barriques, or short macerations, or roto-fermentors. Those are the short-cuts.

Augusto Cappellano, like his father Teobaldo before him, does not take those short cuts. Partly, that's because he is just fine with structure and longevity. That is the natural product of Serralunga's special terroir, after all. Partly, it's because Augusto's extremely high-quality farming (the family has only four hectares so they can apply their natural farming methods assiduously to each and every vine) ensures that the grapes' tannins ripen properly, avoiding any of the harsh, bitter qualities that for years many assumed were also "natural."


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