Domaine Desire Petit, Arbois Melon a Queue Rouge, 2018

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Made from 100% Melon à Queue Rouge, a contentious grape: it's a red-stemmed version of Chardonnay, which the Jurassiens claim to be unique to the Jura. French authorities only permit Chardonnay and Savagnin for white grapes in the Jura, but producers like Domaine Désiré Petit and Jacques Puffeney flaunt the decree and label their wines with the true name anyway.

Crystal clear, like a very sharp light in another room, broad seashell minerality with lean citrus fruit, lemon peel, a touch of green apple but a pinpoint, needle like texture, salty and svelte.

Anyone yearning for the days when the value of Jura wines was under the aegis of regional obscurity will be delighted by the throwback pricing of Arbois’ Désiré Petit.

These are some of the most scrumptious, refreshing wines we’ve tasted in a while, and they are delightfully affordable – especially today.

This is traditional estate, located in the small Arbois sub-region of Pupillin. Self-advertised as the “Capital of Ploussard” (aka ‘Poulsard’), Pupillin has great terroir, and is home to many notable domaines, like Philippe Bornard and the iconic Pierre Overnoy. It’s marly slopes are indeed Ploussard-friendly, but also well suited to other regional varieties, like Chardonnay and Savagnin.

Désiré’s grandchildren (and sister-brother duo) Damien and Anne-Laure run the show today, setting the domaine on a path to biodynamic farming, while vinifying and aging the wines in large, used oak barrels. They’re now even making a few wines without the addition of sulfur!


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