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Donnhoff, Norheimer Kirschheck Riesling Spatlese, 2007

White Wine from Nahe, Germany


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If you love Riesling, you know the name Dönnhoff. If you don't love Riesling-- yet-- Dönnhoff will teach you why the grape inspires such passion. Dönnhoff is the greatest estate in the Nahe and one of the best in all of Germany. The family has had four generations to dive deep into their terroir and perfect their winemaking. Their top wines are long-lived and collectible. That terroir is, of course, key. The Nahe has the most varied soils (including, especially, different kinds of volcanic soil) of any German region, as well as a climate that ranges from very cold high-elevation sites to pockets of Mediterranean warmth. This gives Dönnhoff a painter’s palette of flavors and textures from which to craft a perfect wine.

Professional Reviews

Robert Parker

RP 94
"As usual with Donnhoff's renditions of this site, his 2007 Norheimer Kirschheck Riesling Spatlese displays a profusion of flowers (buddleia, rose lily, and cherry blossom) on the nose and cherry fruit and citrus on the palate that combine for an irresistible charm offensive. This silken, pure Riesling is suffused not only with wafting floral perfume, but with saline, savory, scallop-like mineral notes that add to its utterly lip-smacking, saliva-inducing brand of refreshment. Here's a great example of residually sweet Riesling possessing not one gram more than needed for maximum support of its aromas and fruit flavors, so that sweetness per se is the last thing you have on your mind as you reach for the next sip. While there is no extended track record yet at this address - and perhaps never has been for a Kirschheck with this sort of balance and sheer quality - experience with analogous Donnhoff wines suggest one could hold it for at least two decades. But don't miss it now, either!"

Wine Spectator

WS 92
"Concentrated and built around a core of acidity, this vanilla-tinged Riesling is refined and integrated, yet seems to be withholding all its charms. The potential is in the long finish of grapefruit, peach and mineral."


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    Medium Bodied

German Wines

Is there a better grape than Riesling? Is there a better value? Its fruit purity, its perfume, and its mineral nuance are all unparalleled. And for centuries, the top German Rieslings were priced accordingly: at least as expensive as the top red wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy. But nowadays you could spend a lifetime exploring Germany’s great Riesling-producing regions while staying well within your budget. You might take an occasional break to try Germany’s other white grapes or perhaps a glass of Spätburgunder (the local name for Pinot Noir). It’s time to get started!

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