Trimbach, Riesling Selection Vieilles Vignes, 2015


This is one of the best deals we've seen in years. It's a beautiful, dry Riesling with miles of minerality, bright and fresh appley fruit, complexity of ginger and lemon curd, and even hints of exotic spice. 

How does a wine at this price do so much?

Simple, the Trimbach family acquired these old vines right next to their legendary Clos St. Hune site (one of the very best white wines in the world) and began making the wine.   

Theis wine is from 50-to-80-year-old vines grown in soils that are full of the limestone that gives Clos St. Hune its mineral vibrancy. The family farms them sustainably, and the old roots dig deep and make for concentrated fruit full of minerally goodness.
The family harvests all that amazing fruit and ferments it dry to make the delicious “Sélection de Vieilles Vignes” (which also has a dollop of wine from a site next to Grand Cru Gayesberg). The wine wildly over-delivers for the price, with Trimbach’s special balance of serious structure and generous approachability. It’s a wine you can age, if you’d like to. But the family has kindly held it till they knew it was ready to be enjoyed.
So grab a few bottles, drink some now, drink some later. This is a gem that will only get better with age!


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    Drink With Fish , Drink On Its Own

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    Full Bodied