NYC Wine Co: Wine 101 Class


What You Get

  • 6 Bottles (most wines $20-$30)
  • 1 Can of 'Private Preserve' Argon Spray (to keep the opened wines fresh for up to 5 days)
  • 3 Interactive video sessions, ~60 minutes each, hosted on Zoom

Wine 101 Class Syllabus

We explore the fundamentals of wine, what makes each unique, and why.  We discuss acid, alcohol, tannins, and body, and help you understand how these elements translate into the various styles of wine made the world over.  We will also discuss climate, soil, and much more.  But ultimately, our goal is to help you understand what you like, why you like it, and how to apply that knowledge in the store, the restaurant, or anytime you need to choose a bottle.  Oh, and the words, we’ll talk about all the crazy wine terminology, and what it all means.

  • June 04, 7pm
  • June 11, 7:30pm
  • June 18, 7pm

How It Works

We never envisioned bringing the show to the internet, but along with our partner, Flatiron Wines, we’re excited to do it, and to do it well.  But rather than send you a box of wines and a few video links, we want to interact, engage, and maybe even entertain you.  We’ll open wines together, taste together, and before you know it, you’ll swear you’re in Provence, or the rolling hills of Tuscany.  Not really, of course, not even close.  You’ll still be at home, with dishes in the sink, and that sourdough starter that never started.  But we’ll be at home together, drinking wines made with purpose, supporting small growers and farmers, and reminding ourselves of the good things that come from nature.

All class-packs feature a shipment of six wines, plus three interactive video sessions (~60 min each), each featuring two wines.  Fortunately, I love to talk, but I’m also a good listener.  I love questions, and want to know what you want to know.  There will be plenty of graphics, maps, and pretty pictures, all designed to take you behind the music, and make each bottle relevant.

But wait, there’s more!  We’ll taste six wines together, yes, but the real takeaway is recognizing which wines you liked, understanding what you liked about them, then tracking down other wines which fit that profile.  To help you do that, each session will be followed up with “if you liked this, you’ll love that” suggestions, and links on where to find them.  And unlike Amazon, who might suggest a portable USB charger because you added a Swiffer WetJet to your cart, we only suggest wines we believe in, and feel confident you’ll enjoy until the bottle runs dry.


Shipping Notice

  • In order for wine to arrive in time for your prospective class, please note:
  • New York , New Jersey & Connecticut deliveries must be placed AT LEAST 3 days before your 1st class date. 
  • All other states, deliveries must be placed by 5/21. We can offer expedited shipping, ask for a quote.
Please note, we will do our best to expedite orders placed after specified cut-off dates but we cannot guarantee deliveries.
  • Free in NY, NJ, CT and DC on $129+ orders. Otherwise $2.99/bottle, minimum $10 (higher rates apply to AK and HI).
  • We presently do not ship to: AL (except to state stores), AR, IL, IA, KY, MI, MS, MT, LA, NV, NH, ND, TN, TX, UT, and VA.
  • We do not ship beer outside of NY
  • We ship in foam and hold during extreme weather.
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  • 10% off any mixed case
  • Doesn't apply to spirits or items marked NET
  • Return corked bottles if they are less than 10 years old
  • Return any bottle that have been improperly stored
  • Returns must be made within 60 days of purchase
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  • Wine is stored in our refrigerated warehouse or refrigerated store cellar.
  • Some fine and rare wine is displayed in our physical store in Eurocaves.
  • Current vintages are sourced from authorized importers or dealers in Europe.
  • All wine transported across the ocean in refrigerated boats.
  • Older vintages may be srouced from private clients where we are confident of correct storage conditions.
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