When Steak is What’s for Dinner - Tuscan Treasures

If you've ever travelled in the Tuscan hills of Chianti Classico you have enjoyed their absurdly delicious steak, "bisteca a la fiorentina," a giant chunk of grilled meat, seasoned with wild herbs and seasoned with aromatic local olive oils.

It's decadent, and there's only one grape that will cut through it all: Sangiovese.

Yes, Sangiovese and Steak is one of the classic 1+1=3 dishes. Whether it's a Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti Classico, or a luscious Super Tuscan, the food brings the wine to life the food to life while the wine frames the food and refreshes the palate.

So, when you're looking for what to give the steak lover in your life, look no further. Our handpicked collection of Tuscan Treasures will include something that will hit the spot.