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About Us

We opened Flatiron Wines & Spirits in New York City in 2012, with the goal of combining the friendly, personal service of the best boutiques and neighborhood shops, with the excellent prices and wide selection of the very best large stores.

From the beginning, we've focussed on the greatest terroir-focused wines and small-batch spirits made anywhere in the world, at fair prices and with great service. The wine press has noticed. We've been written up in the Wine Spectator, the New York Times, Wine Enthusiast (where we were nominated retailer of the year), Food & Wine Magazine (named top new wine destination in the U.S.), and lots of other great places.


Our Twin Passions: Terroir and Tradition vs the Cutting edge

We believe that the best wines and spirits aren't just worth drinking and sharing; they are also fun to learn about and to understand. What's more, they're a window on to the world that made them.

Exploring the world of wine and spirits is one of life’s great adventures. Every time you drink a wine, it is a bit like traveling. There is a farmer to get to know. A patch of land where the grapes grow. Local traditions and festivities. A story of what happened there in the past. We are obsessed with how all of these elements can be transmitted through a bottle of wine, and it is a constant theme in our newsletter articles, our blog posts, and our wine selections.

We share this passion in our blog posts and, if you happen to be in New York City, in educational wine classes, producer wine and spirits seminars, and regular in-store tastings.

But mostly, we love exploring the highways and byways of the wine world in our our weekly newsletter, which New York Magazine called "Indispensable." You can sign up at the bottom of this page or by clicking HERE.

We believe that shopping with us is the best way to buy wine in the United States today. And if you're still unsure whether to give us a shot, please check out our FAQs.

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