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Flatiron Wines is for the curious. For adventurers and explorers. For anyone who loves wine or small batch spirits, and wants to learn and taste more.

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Our New Beaujolais Guide: What is Natural Wine? And where did it come from?

Our New Beaujolais Guide: What is Natural Wine? And where did it come from?

20 years ago, “natural wine” was the freaky stuff drunk after-hours in Williamsburg and the East Village. Today, collectors around the world chase bottles of natural wine as passionately as DRC – and pay top dollar for some of them.

Where did natural wine come from, and how did it spread so far and so fast? 

In a word: Beaujolais

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Map of Beaujolais' three classifications

Leveling Up on Levels of Beaujolais -- Our New Post is Up!

We’ve got an entire blog post full of fun details, which will dive further into the nitty-gritty of these three levels of Beaujolais. 

So, why don’t you kick back with a glass of wine (our suggestions are below) and read on!

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NYT Wine School: The Northern Rhône

NYT Wine School: The Northern Rhône

In his latest Wine School, Asimov encourages an in-depth study of three distinct Northern Rhône terroirs: Crozes Hermitage, St. Joseph and Cornas. He sheds light on how amazing it can be to see how even the slight differences in climates or soil type can drastically change the character of a wine made with a single grape variety. 
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