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Are you nuts about wine? Do you love people? Are you passionate about service?

Drop us a line, we’re always looking for great people!

If you look at a great wine shop you might think that what really sets it apart is the wine, the selection, or prices. But we know the truth: it’s great people that make great shops great.

It’s true, we’re head over heels about wine and spirits. We love tasting it, pairing it with food, and reading about it. We can't get enough of discovering as much as possible about wine.

But, the greatest thing about wine, the real point of wine, is sharing it. We love working with people who are passionate about sharing it.

That means we’re always looking for people who are:

Friendly and non-judgmental about other people’s taste

  • We want everyone to feel welcome at Flatiron Wines & Spirits, whether they're new to wine or are a seasoned collector.

Passionate and eager to learn about wine

  • You don’t have to be a wine expert to start working at Flatiron Wines, you just need to have the drive to learn!

Clear communicators

  • Can you articulate why you love a certain wine? Or why it’s going to be great with their dinner? Can you send a succinct email? Write a clear blog post? Awesome--those are skills we're looking for!

Cool under pressure

  • Hey, it’s retail and sometimes things can get pretty hectic. Can you keep a smile on your face? Be supportive of your colleagues and understanding of our customers’ pressures too?

Willing to do the work

  • Wine retail is a lot of tasting and talking about wine. It can be fun! But, most of the wines we taste aren’t great and we don’t buy them. Tasting is hard work too.
  • This job is also filled with schlepping boxes and doing paper work. We only want people who are eager to do it all, from stocking, to cleaning, to selling the DRC. 

If you think you fit the bill, please email us at hiring@flatiron-wines.com with your CV, wine experiences, passions and anything you think would be useful for us to know.