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Based on 525 reviews
Nice but oerpriced

This is a perfectly pleasant white burgandy but you can get better ones for less money.

No hurry, but lovely expression of Meunier

This single vineyard expression of Pinot Meunier belies the variety’s reputation as a second tier grape in the Champagne hierarchy. Fine richness and salted plum on the attack, with a long, expansive finish there is a fine core of mineral zang that should become more articulate as the fruit knits with the underlying structure. Fine stuff and worth the tariff. Organic viticulture and all that good stuff contribute to the coiled energy here.

Wonderful chablis very reasonably priced

For a wine this young and available at this price you really can’t go wrong!

Love at first Sip

La Gritona tequila and I are a match made in heaven. Since my wife’s boss gave to me for Christmas I haven’t stopped drinking it. Love the flavor and sippability.

Chacra, Pinot Noir Barda, 2021
Ruchir Patel

Chacra, Pinot Noir Barda, 2021

Best Bandol Rose!

Our circle of friends are mostly red wine drinkers, but we do love a good rose on a warm summers day. When we do drink rose, we are partial to southern France and more accurately, the Bandol region. We had the opportunity recently to have a Domaine de Terrebrune, Bandol Rose, 2015. It may be the best Bandol Rose we have ever tasted, making it the best of the best! We immediately went back and purchased a case from Flatiron wines, our go to wine store. We are now ready for the warm weather!

Magnificent Chablis

This wine is spectacular. By far the best Chablis that I have ever consumed!!

Altos las Hormigas, Malbec Terroir Valle de Uco, 2019
French Style Malbec.

Not as grapey as most Argentinian malbecs. I enjoyed it. Drinkable and a good value.


Zesty, spicy, mineral, earthy funk, powerful wine, very yummy

Balanced, bright, classic

A refreshing take on a classic equation of brioche, green apple, strawberry and bubbles this was an enjoyable drink, indeed

Chablis Grand Cru is superb

As noted, this Chablis is truly outstanding.

Sorry, I have not tried the wine yet. It is resting comfortably in my cellar.

Forthave Spirits, Marseille Amaro, NV
JvB UnCorked
Get ready to fall in love...

I have shared this Amaro with bartenders and craft cocktail creators, it's so darn delicious. Based on a medicinal tonic from the 1700 and crafted at a New York distillery, 36 various roots, herbs, spices, and raw honey all blend together to form a stunning spirit that is lighter and sweeter than some Italian counterparts. Marseille is delicious alone, with soda, on the rocks, or accompanied by brown or clear spirits, and elevates the liquor you pair it with. I simply adore it in a Black Manhattan, as a 2:1 with rye whisky and a Peninsula cherry, but I have also created stunning cocktails with Marseille and either gin or tequila. Lastly, try replacing Benedictine with Marseille in a Vieux Carré- WOW! Let's keep it quiet, and not tell everyone, ok?

Paul Pillot, Bourgogne Rouge, 2020

What a find. Beautiful burgundy with elegance and enough body. As good as many Village wines.

Cantina del Pino, Barbera D'Alba, 2020

Save water, drink wine.

Red fruit on the nose; blackberry and cherry rest on palate, nice with food.

Great Brouilly

Most enjoyable; cherry, very modest tanins, and smooth especially with a wine so young. A great weeknight wine; we enjoyed it with chicken breasts and baked potatoes. Will definitely buy more.

Very good representation of the varietal.

Benjamin Leroux, Bourgogne Aligote, 2020
Annie Edgerton (Staff)
Wow. Just... wow.

This wine almost singlehandedly makes the case that Aligoté doesn't deserve its "second grape of Burgundy" status any longer. It is electric and compelling, with vibrant quince and green plum fruit, interwoven with Aligoté's vivid acidity. You can't find Chablis that delivers this much at this price -- it's a truly compelling wine.

J.L. Chave Selection, Saint-Joseph Offerus, 2020

A lovely little unicorn of a wine!

I think this might be the most delightful wine in the shop, period. Its combo of indigenous varieties, light bubbles, some skin contact, and a scootch of residual sugar are all balanced so well, you really just want to stick a straw in it and kick back in the sun. Interested in trying an orange wine but worried it may be too funky for you? This, my friend, is your gateway. Every time we get more in, I grab a few bottles because I LOVE sharing it with people; it's like an infectious smile.