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Based on 666 reviews
Roll the dice!

I got a good bottle, but not quite as limpid as the '73 I had the previous week - it was verging a little farther into balsamic-vinegar-adjacent territory. Brown, a bit thin, but still remarkably drinkable, and with a flavor you aren't going to get in anything new.


We loved this wine. Wonderfully crisp - great to drink on its own or with food.

Louis-Claude Designees, Morgon "La Voute Saint-Vincent", 2022

I generally like Beaujolais with lighter meat dishes, pasta and salads but their taste varies widely. Flatiron has a wide selection of Beaujolais and I've bought many of them but this one, to me, stands out as my preferred Beaujolais. In fact, Flatiron has 3 different Louis-Claude Designees Morgons, and to my taste, all 3 are excellent. They are light, smooth, very balanced and tasty.

Really great and interesting Garnacha from Madrid.

We’ve been drinking this wine for a number of years when we can find it. Small producer, so it only comes in every so often. I recommend getting it when you see it, because it will likely disappear for a year or more if you don’t.

A full-bodied white wine with a lot of flavor.

Domaine Dupeuble, Beaujolais, 2022
Lynn Ripley

As a Kermit Lynch fan, I found this wine nice but not extraordinary even for this price point. Smooth will pair with anything.


On a recent visit to Croatia, my friend introduced me to Jean Michel, his wife and his amazing wine’ It was the most engaging experiences I’ve had in a long time. You can understand why the wine is so fantastic. He puts his passion into them. He particularly pride himself in the organic and natural processes he uses. It absolutely shows in the wine. I tried every bottle I could.!!! and failed at finding anything negative.. All are amazing. If you can’t travel to Slovenia, his wines will transport you to this beautiful region!

Surprisingly delicious!

This one is going to be hit or miss at this age. The bottle I got was in great shape. A lot of sediment, but the wine was still delicious, every edge of tannin sanded down to a smooth gentle glow.

Pleasant but not exciting

In contrast to other Lambert whites, I found this wine a bit lacking in zing and somewhat hollow in the mid-palate. Fine but not exciting.

Great opened an hour before drinking

This wknd opened up after about an hour into a lovely mellow and juicy smooth wine!


You sent me the Chardonnay by mistake


The wine only hinted at being a red burgundy; it lacked "umpf," and I found it underwhelming. Perhaps it needs a little more aging. Your suggestions are usually on target, but this one was quite disappointing, I am sorry to say.

Tellier, Champagne Cramant Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Grand Cru, 2018

Simple wine

Very simple wine . Nothing to stand out of the ordinary just like any other Cote Du Rhône . It lacks the quality to be at Flatiron wines .

[Event Has Passed] Flatiron Wine School: Red Burgundy with John Beaver Truax, 10/24/23
Markus Sztejnberg
An evening in Burgundy

Beaver’s class was more than a description of flavor profiles and tasting notes. The paired blind tasting was as much about the people behind the wines as the wines themselves. Looking forward to the next one.

Lives up to the stories I've read

It's super tasty. Def deserves all the awards and recognition it has recieved. I first saw it in the NY times, and though, hmm, fun name, let's try it. It's really really smooth. Unlike other vodkas. lovely on its own.

Genot-Boulanger, Puligny-Montrachet Nosroyes, 2021

Nicolas- Jay Outstanding Pinot Noir!

This is a fantastic Pinot Noir! It was my first time having it and it is now my favorite.

Famille Paquet, Saint-Veran En Creches, 2019
Alan Gettner
OK, not better

Wine improves with airing but really a very ordinary southern burgandy.

Jurtschitsch, Gruner Veltliner Terrassen Kamptal, 2022
Travis Fitzgerald
Perfect Gruner

This is an excellent wine that we loved as one of the wine’s for our wedding!

Billecart-Salmon, Champagne Brut Rose, NV
Ivan M

Best non vintage champagne

Schramsberg Vineyards, North Coast Blanc de Blancs, 2020

Grongnet, Champagne Brut “Carpe Diem”, NV
Joshua W

Not as good nor as good value as the Grongnet Blancs de Blancs; each of 3 bottles tasted a bit corked. Annoying wax and string system is more difficult to open than regular cork and cage...

Chartogne-Taillet, Champagne Cuvee Ste.-Anne Brut, NV
Connie Rink
Beautiful champagne!