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Explorations in terroir

A staff suggestion when I was busy hyperfocused on a different wine (which I bought). The very personable, and knowledgable sales person remarked - if you like that, you'll love this too. Kudos to them for relating my taste in Italian wine to a more obscure, much less expensive french representation of my palete! What a great find. Thank you guys for another wonderful selection.

Didn’t really live up to my expectations

Stein, Sparkling Rosé Rosecco, 2021
Robert Lem

Enjoyed wine with chicken and pasta. Well balanced.


I had a bottle of this wine at a lovely restaurant owned by a husband and wife while in Barcelona. I fell in love. I had to have more of it and tracked it down here. It’s bright with slights hints of honey. Have some sent to me home is amazing! I’m relishing every sip.

Gift Card
Alfred Mendoza
Gift for my son

Easy and painless


Look, I love Chianti. There are a lot of different styles and producers. This one is classic and, bang for the buck, tops. Tried four different producers on sale from Astor wines but none came close to the depth and balance of this wine. I should buy a couple of cases. Fabulous.

Giuseppe Rinaldi, Freisa, 2019
Gabriella De Almenara

Giuseppe Rinaldi, Freisa, 2019

Chateau Peyrassol, Cotes de Provence Rose 'Cuvee Les Commandeurs', 2021
karen Olah

Chateau Peyrassol, Cotes de Provence Rose 'Cuvee Les Commandeurs', 2021

Hirsch Vineyards, San Andreas Fault Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast, 2019

Not worth the price. Point

A Rose Summer

Perfect for a summer evening

Grongnet, Champagne Vix Bara Blanc de Blancs, NV


Is there anymore? We drank/enjoyed our trial bottles.


The Christopher Tracy Vermouth series may be a bit tricky to unpack, with all the Variations and styles, but basically - he makes different batches throughout the growing season depending on what’s perfectly ripe., so some feature peppers, others melon, and always an array of different botanicals. Make a spritz, put some on ice with a few oz of tequila and perhaps a splash of simple, or just sip some on its own. I’m crazy about the variety (and had to grab all the different kinds for myself!!) A fabulous and creative way to “drink local.”

Widow Jane, Bourbon, 10 Year
Susan Turner
So smooth

It’s velvety smooth but not too sweet as bourbons are at times. Love it.

First class — very satisfying and a terrific food wine, juicy with enough minerality

Sinskey Rose

An easy summer drinker but appears less full bodied than previous years.

The essence of what a rose’ should be.Never had better.Ange.

Lauer is unstoppable

The only problem is that there is never enough . . .

Chateau d'Armailhac, Pauillac, 2001 (1.5L)

Broc Cellars, Love Rose, 2021

Domaine du Pelican (d'Angerville), Arbois Poulsard, 2019

Appreciate wine

quietly fresh, subtle taste,

Kind of obsessed….

I love this project from Christopher Tracy - all of these vermouths are so incredibly individual and interesting, worth sipping on their own but a delish twist on the usual for those martinis. This one is a bit more herbaceous - not super spicy. Just love it!

Good ready to drink wine

We drank this magnum in May 2022 at Striphouse--with big steaks. It was ready to drink, and had a more international style we were looking for, but it wasn't necessarily as full bodied or concentrated as I had hoped for. Not a bad thing at all--had more elegance than I had expected actually but may have gotten lost in the steaks/martinis?!

A lovely wine

This organic grower champagne is refined, complex, and delicious.