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FAQs: Shopping at Flatiron

Everything you need to know about shopping at Flatiron

First off, why shop for wines and spirits at Flatiron?

Honestly, we think we offer the best wine and spirits shopping in America!

National publications seem to agree with us. We've been recommended by Eric Asimov of the New York Times ("great for expert and novice alike"), Wine Spectator ("packs a potent selection of wines"), Wine & Spirits Magazine (nominated wine retailer of the year), Food & Wine Magazine ("best new wine destination") and lots of other respected wine journalists -- many of whom shop regularly with us!

They like us, of course, mostly because of our selection. We carry the largest range of artisanally-made wines and spirits available anywhere, plus the best of the better-known brands. They also know our prices are very fair and our service is always extremely attentive. And they respect our expertise, our devotion to wine producers, and our tireless efforts to educate consumers through our blog, wine guides and newsletters.

Where can I shop with you? 

We have two physical shops, in New York City and in San Francisco.

Each physical shop has its own online store. So if you want to buy wine from the California store, make sure you're shopping at sf.flatiron-wines.com. Right now you're in nyc.flatiron-wines.com. But, if necessary, you can switch stores at the top right this web page. 

You have a lot of wines to choose from. Can you help me make a   selection? 

Yes. We are kind of old-fashioned (we're wine merchants after all) so we'd encourage you to just give us a call at 212-477-1315. You'll get an expert on the phone in under a minute who would love to help you with your selection. You can also email us with requests and questions at offers@flatiron-wines.com. We also love visitors, so please swing by to meet us if you're in NYC or SF!

Do you offer case discounts?

Yes. You will get 10% off any mixed case of 12 or more bottles. Spirits and a very small number of wines are non-discountable. Such items will count towards the 12 bottles, but will not themselves be discounted by 10%.

Can you deliver and ship wine and liquor? 

Of course!

While we can only ship liquor within NY State, we can arrange to ship wine to many other states. We also offer delivery throughout NYC, including same day in Manhattan below 125th Street (and some parts of Brooklyn and Queens). See full details on our shipping page or call us at (212) 477-1315.

How much does it cost to ship wine?

Shipping is free on orders over $149 in Manhattan (under 125th St, in Brooklyn and Queens). It's $12.99 a case on all other orders in New York City. Additional charges apply for same-day delivery within NYC.

Shipments to the rest of New York, DC, Connecticut, and New Jersey are $12.99/case over $149 and $29.99 if under $149.99. Orders to the rest of the country are $29.99/case.

It's a little hot out there. Is it safe to ship me wine?

We offer free weather holds when weather does not permit safe shipping. To request a weather hold, feel free to leave a note at check-out. Even if you don't say anything, if we're not sure that the weather is safe we'll reach out to you by email before shipping your wine.

Note that our shipments can be sent in foam boxes to offer wines extra protection, and we try our best to avoid shipping on days that might result in Fedex storing the shipment in an un-refrigerated warehouse over the weekend.

You have some pretty special bottles. Do you store them correctly?

Yes! We store most of our wines in a refrigerated, climate-controlled warehouse. Some wines are also stored in our refrigerated store cellar, and a small handful of our fine and rare wines are stored in eurocaves in our physical stores.

And where did you get all those special bottles?

We acquire our older and rare wines only from very reputable sources, where we are confident that the provenance is good and the wine has been stored properly. We have been buying wines like this for a long time, and we know which sources are good and which sources are to be avoided. All wines imported from Europe are shipped on refrigerated boats.

What if a bottle is off. Can I return it?

You can generally return corked, prematurely oxidized or poorly stored wines to us for a full refund or exchange. Read the details of our return policy here.

Should I sign up for your newsletter?

Yes! Not only will it keep you up-to-date on the constantly changing world of wine, but it will offer you our deepest discounts, and access to wines that sell out via newsletter before they make it on to your website. You can sign up here.


Is it safe to check-out with my credit card information?

Our website is now built on Shopify, the world's leading e-commerce platform. Shopify has the resources and incentives to stay ahead of the curve on cybersecurity and we are thrilled to be able to entrust our site's security to their crack team.

We accept payments on this website through Shopify Pay. You will maintain control of your credit card on the Shopify Pay platform. We will not have access to your credit card data and will not even be able to charge your card unless you have accepted a payment by email or text message.