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Champagne boasts some of the world’s greatest luxury brands (aka Les Grandes Marques) with Krug, Cristal by Louis Roederer and, of course, Dom Perignon.

But it’s also home to hundreds of small dynamic producers—farmers who grow their own grapes (often organically) and make (often with natural methods) tiny amounts of pure and absolutely delicious wine (aka Grower Champagnes) that reflect the individual personalities of their villages and terroirs.

We carry all the luxury names, but also the most in-demand of the small growers and a number of producers that we are confident will be tomorrow’s stars. Toast with these wines, for sure. But also treat them like the great wines they are: taste, drink, explore!

On this page you'll find a variety of ways to explore and get deeper into one of the world's great wine regions.

Be sure not to miss our latest Champagne arrivals, including our latest featured Champagne pick, as well as our short list of essential Champagne producers and hand-picked Champagnes selections from up-and-comers on the rise.

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La Rogerie, Champagne Blanc de Blancs La Grande Vie Grand Cru, NV

100% Chardonnay from a 2017 base with reserve from a solera started in 2004. It ages for 48 months sur latte and just explodes with an intense core of chalky minerality.

The fruit opens up to the quintessential Avize=esque dried pineapple and lemon peel all encompassing that gray pencil leaded core.

Each sip bursts out from the center with a fine but persistent mousse, towards filigreed chalky edges, tastes like sparkles, gray and gold rays, fluid and sharp at the same time.

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