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Champagne boasts some of the world’s greatest luxury brands
with Krug, Cristal and, of course, Dom Perignon. But it’s also home to hundreds of small dynamic producers—farmers who grow their own grapes (often organically) and make (often with natural methods) tiny amounts of pure and absolutely delicious wine that reflect the individual personalities of their villages and terroirs. We carry all the luxury names, but also the most in-demand of the small growers and a number of producers that we are confident will be tomorrow’s stars. Toast with these wines, for sure. But also treat them like the great wines they are:
taste, drink, explore!

Champagne makes a great gift, whether you're thanking a colleague or congratulating a new parent. We make it easy: when you check out, you'll be able to select gift wrapping and give us a message for a gift card. We can also handle complex corporate gifting to multiple addresses -- please click below to email us so that we can get started.

A lot of the Champagne producers we work with make tiny amounts of wine and availability can be severely limited. The best way to make sure you have access to these limited Champagnes -- and to get them for the best possible prices -- is to sign up to our free newsletter

Product Spotlight

Laherte Freres, Champagne Extra Brut Rose de Meunier, NV

Aurélien Laherte believes Champagne should be for everyone. We agree. Along with childhood best friend and fellow rising star, Raphaël Bérèche, they formed Terre de Vins, a down to earth trade organization. They bring together like-minded growers for a yearly tasting of vin clair (still wine, pre-bubbles) and finished Champagne to showcase their progressive wines. Aurélien makes wines of power and whimsy, decadence and tension. Maybe it is because of his biodynamic approach, maybe it was his training with Antoine Sélosse or maybe he is simply one of the best vignerons in Champagne. No matter the reason, take advantage of this newsletter only pricing to experience it for yourself. All of his wines are aged in neutral barrels, do not go through malolactic fermentation and have just enough dosage to balance the wine and showcase the terroir. Seventh generation winegrower Aurélien Laherte is part of a dynamic, young generation making waves in Champagne and producing a fine array of terroir-driven Champagnes using a natural approach to viticulture and winemaking. Since taking the helm of his family’s estate in 2005, Aurelien has been a devoted practitioner of organic and biodynamic viticulture, striving to produce a lineup of blended and single-vineyard Champagnes that deeply expresses the identities of his unique terroir.