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Barolo is the greatest Nebbiolo-based wine from Italy, and one of the truly great wines of the world. We're passionate about Barolo at Flatiron Wines and have an enormous collection here for you to browse.


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Barolo: Everything you need to know

Barolo is one of the most prestigious and age-worthy wines in the world. With a history that goes back centuries, Barolo is known as the wine of kings and the king of wines, as the old Italian expression aptly goes.

Barolo, first and foremost, is a red wine made from Italy’s noble Nebbiolo grapes, grown in in a region by the same name. But from here, matters get, well, let’s say a bit more interesting.

Our guide to Barolo provides a deep dive into the wine, with answers to common questions like: What is Barolo? Where does it come from? And, of course, how to start buying, cellaring, and drinking the best Barolos?