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A Hidden Side of Italian Wine, From Vesuvius' Foothills: Il Verro's Lautonis

In the foothills of Vesuvius, Cesare Avenia farms a grape with mysterious origins: Casavecchia.

From this rare grape — rumored by locals to have been brought back from the brink of extinction by a single vine — he makes a piquant, beautifully balanced red called Lautonis.

Though the region may be best known for its dark-fruited and savory Aglianico, its exquisite coast and rugged volcanic hills are a treasure trove of  ancient, under-the-radar varieties that very few of us are aware of.

Making wine from Campania’s lesser-known varieties is a labor of love. While these old, pre-phylloxera, vines deliver heightened concentration and depth--their yields are incredibly small. Cesare is one of a handful of producers working with these hidden gems.

Lautonis comes from organically farmed fruit, grown on high altitude, volcanic sandy slopes.
The wine is vinified entirely in stainless steel. It’s fresh and lithe enough for summer quaffing while offering all the soulful rusticity and depth we look for in Campania.
But, since it's made in such limited quantities, only a tiny amount of this singular cuvée is exported.

Naples, just a stone's throw away from Cesare's vines, is a great place to grab a pizza.
And now you know exactly what to drink alongside your next pie!
We snapped up all we could, so grab a couple bottles! We're sure you'll enjoy this! The wine is truly unique and delightful.