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Coming Up: February 3rd-9th

Hello, lovely friends, 

As we all eagerly await the results of caucus day, it occurred to us that we should start giving each other a bit more to look forward to! No new apps, we promise. 

Instead, we have a week full of terrific wines coming. Our newsletter will be released tomorrow, as usual, and includes a really interesting array of choices. Perhaps some surprises for readers of our usual picks! You can subscribe, here, to receive that newsletter. 

Perhaps most exciting this week is that we have teamed up with the Godiva Cafe (just two doors down in the Flatiron) for a sweet little pairing event. Chocolate and Wine, together after all this time!

You can stop by to learn some tricks to pairing chocolate (a bit harder than it may, at first, seem) and to sip and sample! We'll be featuring some of our favorites from Bowler and Godiva will be sending over perfect pairings! More details can be found HERE, or below:

  • Thursday 02/06/20, from 5-7pm @ Flatiron Wines, NY

  • Friday 02/07/20, from 5-7 @ Godiva Cafe (Flatiron)

It's just two doors down from our shop! 

As always, the wines will be 15% off, so you can impress that special someone next week with your pairing prowess. 

See you, then!