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Old Vines, New Tricks: This Week's Newsletter

Hi all, 

We almost never do this. Spending a whole blog post talking about an upcoming newsletter? Usually it's not worth it. But this week it is. 


Because every single wine in tomorrow's newsletter is harvested from old vines. From Bordeaux to the mountains of Italy, we've picked wines that are doing their vines justice. 

The youngest vines you'll hear about tomorrow are bordelaise and they're 50 years old. The oldest? Well, we have to keep some surprises under wraps, don't we? 

I'm telling you all this because today is your last chance to sign up for our newsletter if you want these wines. All these stunners will be offered at our deepest discounts--you won't see them at such a bargain again. In fact, some will sell out and never make it to the shelf! Now is your chance! 

Sign up here.

Happy reading, tomorrow! And happy drinking, too!