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The Union Square Market Proves Spring is "Ramp"-ing Up!

The Union Square Farmers Market is still open, just down the street from our Broadway shop, and today I saw the very first hints of spring. There are still over-winter vegetables, Kale and the like. But today I got my first ramps of the year. 


The first ramps are always a thrill. They make everything taste better! But they're also a harbinger of the great vegetables about to come. And there's never been a year that little reminders of life's ordinary pleasures have been more welcome. 

The market was pretty empty, as you can see from the pictures. So if you're in the neighborhood and want to do some socially distant supporting of the farmers, and treat yourself to some fresh produce, come check it out. And if you do, we've got wines that work with anything you might cook with Ramps.
Here are two:
This is light, natural wine from a Beaujolais favorite.Sautee your ramps in olive oil and toss some spaghetti in the oil. Who says you need italian wine with pasta?
This is an obscure grape from an obscure island in Italy's obscure southern extremes. But there's nothing obscure about the wine's pleasures: salt and mineral and bright, sunny fruit. This would be great with the pasta dish. If you top a white fish (the fish stand at the market had lots of great options!) with the ramps, this wine will make it sing.  Or if you decide you want to do my favorite and use the ramps in your egss, this would be a killer.