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Your Next Favorite Nebbiolo is from Produttori di Carema

“The Produttori di Carema cooperative has been on a tear in recent vintages. These traditionally crafted mountain wines offer so much Nebbiolo character.”
—Antonio Galloni, Vinous

Every so often, we taste a wine that is so emblematic of its grape and place that we’re momentarily taken aback.

For some of the purest, most classical Nebbiolo character we’ve tasted in a while, we head to the northernmost reaches of Piedmont, and the high quality cooperative of Produttori di Carema. Here, over 70 smallholders combine their grape growing prowess and winemaking abilities, crafting wines of great purity.

Alto Piemonte has long been considered an insider’s source for fine Nebbiolo, more lithe in body and perhaps more mineral-driven than that of its southern neighbors, Barolo and Barbaresco. The closer we get to the Alps, the more we see the singular essence of mountain wines: they're more lifted, translucent and refreshing. That being said, they don’t lack for acid or structure and can be as ageworthy as any Langhe wine.

The grapes are grown on steep, terraced slopes and secured by pergola-like beams to keep them firmly in the ground, safe from the region’s fierce winds. Although the winds are cooling, the grapes receive ample sunshine, allowing for a long hang time and a later harvest. Perfectly ripe grapes keep Nebbiolo’s naturally high acid in check, but also allow for the development of an alluring perfume, age worthy structure and bright minerality.

Produttori di Carema’s Carema Classico is pure Nebbiolo joy, made by hand by some of Piedmont’s fiercest champions, growers who nurture tiny, often ancestral plots of land, rarely more than a hectare. The harvest is done by hand, and the wine is aged at least 2 years in old, neutral botti of either oak or chestnut. And the final result are wines bursting with Nebbiolo’s trademark roses, tar, raspberries and herbs — wines we can’t help but love.

The 2017 vintage hasn’t been reviewed yet, but Galloni’s glowing review of the 2016 gives you a good idea of how striking this wine really is. Take advantage of today’s newsletter discount and enjoy one of the most ethereal, enticing and downright affordable Nebbiolos out there.

Produttori di Carema, Carema Classico, 2017
“The 2016 Carema Classico is a wine of unreal beauty. Orange peel, spice, star anise, sweet pipe tobacco, rose petal, mint and Alpine herbs are some of the many aromas that lift from the glass. Translucent and gracious, with tons of character, the 2016 is all class. Readers who want to understand what Nebbiolo in Carema is all about will want to check out the 2016. It is a stunning, hauntingly beautiful wine.”