Bruno Clair

Domaine Bruno Clair is now considered part of Burgundy's top tier. This wasn't always the case, but Bruno has worked tirelessly over the past 3 decades to build and re-build the domaine he inherited from his grandparents.

Joseph Clair and Marguerite Dau founded the Domaine Clair-Dau almost 100 years ago. Starting with a few vineyards that Marguerite's family had, they purchased and rejuvenated some of the best parcels in the Cote d'Or and by the time of Joseph's passing in 1971 had built one of the greatest Domaines in Burgundy. Unfortunately family infighting led to neglect in the vineyards and the domaine was spilt up.

Bruno eventually inherited about half of the original holdings. He reclaimed some of the best parcels when their leases ended and slowly added his own acquisitions as well. His meticulous focus on quality in the vineyards (he's practiced organic viticulture for years) has finally been rewarded with the attention and accolades he deserves.

Together with winemaker Philippe Brun, Bruno now makes wines from very old vines in some of the best plots throughout the Cote d'Or. The secret to their success isn't a secret at all: Bruno farms the very best grapes he can and Philippe uses a very gentle winemaking approach to coax the purest expression of terroir out of every vineyard.