Chateau de la Tour

Does history matter when it comes to wine? We think so! Of course there are always exciting new comers that inject much needed innovation and freshness, but most of the world's highly coveted wines have long and storied traditions (it's even true for many California wines). The history and stories behind these wines are interwoven into the fabric of the vineyards and play a crucial role in their greatness.

Chateau de la Tour is a perfect example. They are the only domaine in Burgundy whose Chateau and cellar are located within the walls of the Grand Cru Clos de Vougeot. This is the second largest Grand Cru vineyard in Burgundy and there are many different domaines who have parcels here, but Chateau de la Tour has by far more vines than anyone else. And more importantly these are old vines (an average age of over 60) from the best areas in the top and center of the vineyard.

All this history of course would be moot if their wasn't a gifted winemaker at the helm; but fortunately Francois Labet is an excellent proprietor and guides the viticulture and winemaking with a deft hand.