Chateau Pontet-Canet

While the less prominent regions of Bordeaux are home to some of the earliest adopters to sustainable viticulture, the watershed moment for biodynamics in Bordeaux belongs to the Pauillac 5th growth, Pontet-Canet. The efforts of Jean-Michel Comme and Alfred Tesseron to move to sustainable viticulture began in the mid-Nineties, culminating in Biodynamic certification in 2010—a vintage which earned them a perfect 100 point score from Robert Parker.

While we don't generally put much store by scores, it's worth mentioning this one, as it sparked other, more-established estates on the Médoc to investigate the philosophy and spurred Pontet-Canet to go even further; they've increased the number of horses ploughing vineyards and even started to age some of the wine in amphorae.