Day Wines

Brianne Day is a breakout star in an Oregon wine scene full of enological talent. Few winemakers can translate a penchant for wild experimentation into such approachable wines. We’ve been huge fans of Day wines for quite some time and were more than happy to see her get written up by Esther Mobley of the San Francisco Chronicle as one of 2019’s winemakers to watch.

An Oregon native, Day has worked vineyards in Italy, New Zealand, Argentina, and France. She cut her teeth at the enormously influential Brooks winery in Amity before starting her own small-yield winery using rented space in tiny Philomath.

In 2013, Brianne met her future investors and by 2014, she had moved into her current 14,000 square-foot winery. Coining it the “Day Camp”, she shares that space with seven small producers: Jackalope Wine Cellars, Ross & Bee Maloof, Loop de Loop, Holden Wine Company, Bud’s Bloom, Hooray for You! and Alto Cirrus. The idea was to create a collaborative space where innovation and creativity thrive—a community-driven winery where winemakers can share ideas and grow their small businesses. It’s been a resounding success.

Day is Oregon's answer to the experimentalists of the famed Loire and Jura regions of France. She makes wine in a kaleidoscope of styles that challenge boundaries while remaining eminently drinkable. In European wine-growing regions, grapes are tightly controlled by tradition and the industry. But not in Oregon. She is often one of a few domestic producers in the foreign markets where her wines are sold and love to shock her European winemaking friends with the varietal diversity of her home state. With no rigid set of rules, she must follow as a winemaker, bound neither by geography nor tradition, she is free to make the wines that she wants to make without compromise. Welcome to the brave new world of Oregon wine!