Les Heritiers du Comte Lafon

Roulot’s Meursault, Leflaive’s Puligny: for generations wine lovers have obsessed over the nuances of the Cote d’Or’s different vineyards and villages. And for the last few years, the same has been true of Champagne. We think the Macon is next.

Why the Macon? Mostly because, as we’ve said before, it’s a region of exciting and diverse terroir. Although that wasn’t clear back when production was dominated by large industrial concerns, now that some of the greatest white wine growers in the world are working there, everybody is catching on. It doesn’t hurt that the wines are much more approach-ably priced.

No one has done more to put the spotlight on the Maconais than the great Dominique Lafon. He established the domaine in 1999, and converted all of the vineyards to biodynamics over the next few years. Since 2006 his longtime apprentice Caroline Gon has been the head winemaker. She now has over a dozen vintages under her belt and the wines are better than ever.