Northern Rhone by the Fire

The Northern Rhone is hot, hot, hot! Collectors have been chasing the top producers for years, and wine geeks have been all about the most obscure terroirs and radical natural winemakers.

But interest has exploded among the wider wine-loving public. And wines from the Northern Rhone make the perfect gift for someone who has just started to get a little deeper into wine.

The many regions all give us super-delicious bottles, of course. But they range from the super fancy (Hermitage), to the every-day priced (Cotes du Rhone), and hit every point in between. Some of the wines (like Cote Rotie) are great for medium to long term aging, while other (like Crozes Hermitages) can be just delicious when young. 

The one thing they all have in common is Syrah's inimitable expression terroir in a sexy, elegant, package.