Yann Bertrand

Yann Bertrand is on only his fifth vintage, but already he’s one of the most important young winemakers in Beaujolais. As early as 2015, Jon Bonné called his wines a taste of Beaujolais’ future. They are delicious. And unfortunately for those of us who would like to have a lot of them to drink, they’ve become among the coolest wines in the world. Which means, the hardest to find.

Should we care? Are they worth the fuss? Emphatically, “Yes!”

Yann’s family has old vines in great terroir. And his winemaking is already incredible. He has studied with the likes of Jean Foillard and Yvon Métras, as well as with Jacques Néauport, who was Jules Chauvet’s right-hand man and one of Marcel Lapierre’s early teachers.