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Burgundy Meets Oregon Meets Friuli in Cameron's Perfect Pinot Gris Ramato

Stylized image of Cameron, Pinot Gris Ramato, 2022

For a guy who makes a point of embracing the term “Burgundian,” Cameron’s John Paul makes some great Italian-inspired wines.

Our offer today is the newly arrived 2022 release of his Ramato, a recent Flatiron Wine School class favorite that has everything we love about this benchmark Oregon estate.

Made in the classic Friulian style that informs several wines in the Cameron range (affectionately known as “the Cameronis”), this orange wine is a textural delight, taking advantage of the delicious flavors in the skins of Pinot Gris to produce our favorite kind of orange wine: grippy but clean, and absolutely mouthwatering. Flavors of marzipan, peach pit and orgeat combine with jasmine tea and nectarine, producing something so inviting you’ll find yourself longing for more.

The Cameron philosophy is right up our alley: smart viticulture, confident winemaking and honoring terroir above all. Better yet, Cameron has inspired scores of other winemakers to follow suit. Best known for championing dry farming as founding members of the Deep Roots Coalition, the Cameron team has been focused on what is now known as regenerative agriculture since long before this movement toward long-term environmental health had a catchy name. With humor and wit (the section labeled “Rants” on the Cameron website is not to be missed) John Paul has been advocating for cover crops, soil health, low-intervention winemaking, and biodiversity for over thirty years.

While it’s always fun to listen to him as he shares his passions, his wines speak for themselves, consistent examples of everything there is to love about Oregon’s crunchy, nerdy, and above all joyful natural wine culture. It’s no surprise most of these wines get snapped up in Portland before they ever see the inside of a shipping container. Grab this Ramato while you can, and enjoy.

Cameron, Pinot Gris Ramato, 2022 $39.99


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