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Ride Out Summer's Dog Days with Brigaldara's Chillable Valpolicella & Super Soave

Stylized image of Brigaldara bottlings

The middle of August is officially "chillable red season". For the last little while, that's meant new-wave winemakers working with a very light touch in off-the-beaten path regions. But it's not like hipsters invented light reds of character. Far from it! And there's no better example of an old school wine that is the perfect embodiment of the putatively new-school trend than Brigaldara's Valpolicella.

That's right: Valpolicella. If you've taken a summer vacation around Venice or Verona, you know it can get hot. So of course the locals have had fresh, easy drinking reds since time immemorial. Wines that are local, taste of the region, but can be enjoyed anywhere the mercury is rising. This is that wine. It isn't the Valpolicella of Amarone fame, rich and dense and way too heavy for summer drinking. No, it's the exact opposite. It's fresh, with ethereal cherry fruit and a shocking amount of complexity for a wine that's so charming — and so inexpensive.

And we would be remiss without mentioning Brigaldara's crisp, ever-so-slightly floral Soave. Garganega is delicately treated to preserve aromas and freshness, and this wine will pair perfectly with anything that might not shine next to juicy Valpolicella — think white fish, raw bar delicacies, simply dressed salads. With harmonious flavors of lemon, lime, chamomile and apricots, and plenty of mineral complexity, this is an exemplary bottle of Soave.

Brigaldara is a family winery. They've been fighting the good fight, working to preserve the traditional local wines — including Amarone — for ages. It's a multi-generational labor of love. But they have the same passion for, and put the same love into, their baby wines, these every day charmers, and we couldn't be more excited to share them with you today.

Brigaldara, Valpolicella, 2021 $17.99
A light wine made on the slopes around Verona, harvested and vinified to be light and fresh and, as the kids used to say, crushable. Made with the same grapes used in Amarone (Corvina 55%, Corvinone 25%, Rondinella 20%). Very complex for something so easy going and inexpensive, with bright cherry and berry fruit up front, and revivifying mineral and herbaceous notes, especially on the finish.

Brigaldara, Soave, 2022 $17.99
Flavors of citrus, stone fruit, and dried herbs provide exactly the kind of refreshment we need in the summertime. Try it with shrimp cocktail, a lobster roll, or alongside a cheese and charcuterie board.


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