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Dönnhoff's 2020 Kabinetts: The Summer Of Riesling is Calling You!

Readers, we have some good news and a touch of bad news.
Bad news out of the way first: There will be no Dönnhoff Estate or Kabinett Rieslings in our annual Skurnik Germany and Austria Direct Import Sale later this summer. The wines sold out at the estate, and the US importer snapped up everything they could in order to secure their yearly allocation.

After a run of great vintages, global demand for world-class German wine is on the rise, and deservedly so.
The immense value, dazzling complexity and inherent longevity that was once an insider's-only-secret has now turned mainstream. Our access to this seemingly endless well of delicious juice is becoming restricted in the blink of an eye.

But the news isn’t all bad.
Instead of waiting to order in July, and receiving your bottles in December, you can buy them now. And let’s be honest, this is the best season to enjoy refreshingly bright, searingly dry or off-dry white wine anyway. Summer of Riesling, here we come!

The silver lining continues in the form of the dazzling 2020 vintage. We’ve said it about every other German wine we’ve so far, but it can really not be emphasized enough: this vintage is extraordinary.
The wines have been SO incredibly delicious, and from a legendary like Dönnhoff, simply not to be missed.

For the uninitiated, Dönnhoff is a family estate whose star rose under the guidance of Helmut Dönnhoff, now joined by son, Cornelius.
Their status as the best producer in the Nahe is due partly to their comprehensive, 25 holdings of Grand Cru sites.
It's also due to their unwavering commitment to quality, through careful farming, high-density plantings, a huge picking crew that allows for rigorous sorting, and traditional, instinctively impeccable winemaking.

If you weren’t already a Riesling lover, there is no time like the present to jump in and see what all the fuss is about. If you are, you probably stopped reading after the first paragraph and started stocking up on your favorite wines below.

Dönnhoff, Riesling Estate, 2020

Dönnhoff, Riesling Trocken, 2020

Dönnhoff, Riesling Kreuznacher Krotenpfuhl Kabinett, 2020

Dönnhoff, Riesling Niederhauser Klamm Kabinett, 2020

Dönnhoff, Riesling Oberhauser Leistenberg Kabinett, 2020