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Lapierre Sans Soufre Cuvée N:Too Much is Never Enough

All we can say is, we wish we had more.

This is the wine that kicked off the whole sulfur free movement. The original 'natural wine'. Marcel Lapierre figured out how to do it first and, for our money, his kids still do it best.
Though we don't have any more of Cuvee N, you can still sign up for our newsletter! We have other Lapierre wines in stock, and a video interview with Matthieu and Camille below. 

Matthieu and Camille, who have run the domaine since their father's passing, continue to make pitch perfect Lapierre wine. And if you saw JR's great IG live with them, you heard that for all the incredible things they learned to do in the vineyard and in the cellar from their father, the thing that really sets them apart is what they know not to do: they never release an unsulfured wine when they have any doubts. The family that invented it doesn't feel the need to do it unless everything's just right.

2019 is just right. It's the kind of vintage that plays exactly to the Lapierre magic: fruit so delicious that if you don't stop yourself, you'll finish a bottle before you notice how sublime the wine really is, how perfectly balanced, how finely mineral underneath it all.
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And don't miss out on our interview with the Lapierre siblings: