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Ready to Drink Rioja

López de Heredia is the greatest name in Rioja.

The vineyard is known world-over for its archaic practices, ancient cellars and the outstanding wines it produces.

The 2009 Viña Bosconia, a reserva bottling, has just been released, and we are offering it to you today with extraordinary discounting. It's your chance to stock up on this truly remarkable wine. It is age-worthy yet ready to drink right now.


Like all of López de Heredia's wines, the Bosconia is aged far longer than legally necessary. At any other winery, a wine aged this long would qualify as a "gran reserva." But not here. 

López chooses to age their top wines for upwards of 2 decades. This Bosconia  wine has aged in American oak barrels (made on-site in their very own cooperage) for at least 5 yea. Then the wine rested in the bottle until release. 

It's a rare practice that allows us to savor a perfectly cellared wine when it is perfectly ready to drink.


Viña Bosconia is a blend of Tempranillo, with Garnacha, Graciano and Mazuelo gapes, harvested from a single vineyard: El Bosque.

The vineyard in question lies within the foothills of the Sierra Cantabria mountains. This situation allows the vines to enjoy ample sunshine and protection from the harsh winds and rain coming off the peaks. 


The 19th century founders were heavily influenced by the classics of French wine, Bordeaux and Burgundy.

They chose specific varieties to plant, as well as where to plant them, to reflect a certain desired style.

Bosconia was meant to evoke the supple fruit and heightened minerality of Burgundy, and as such, is bottled in a classic Burgundy bottle. Though comparing Rioja to Burgundy is like comparing apples to oranges, there's no arguing that clay and limestone soils impart something very special to a wine.