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Arnaud Lambert's Super Saumur

Now is the time when we think the most about Loire wines; its flavors are in the air.

It doesn’t take much effort to find the verdant vigor of a spring morning reflected in a cool glass of Cabernet Franc, or to see how blooming flowers and burgeoning sunshine make for a pretty perfect parallel to the charms of Chenin Blanc.

With that in mind, we’d like to suggest a stunning of Loire red from one of our favorite producers: Saumur’s Château de Brézé, home of vigneron Arnaud Lambert.

Lambert is very talented winemaker, who farms organically and works artisanally.

His wines are many things: polished, balanced, and terroir-expressive. Most of all, though, they are a joy to drink – especially for what they cost.

“Clos Mazurique” is a chillable, sippable red that's perfect for the picnic table. Made from 100% Cabernet Franc.

There's enough earth and structure to stand up to a burger, but you could just as easily drink it on its own.

Its flavors are more expressive of flowers and fruit than herbs or peppers – almost like a Beaujolais from the cru of Fleurie!

Château de Brézé (Arnaud Lambert), Saumur Brézé Clos Mazurique, 2019