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Our 4-Part Guide to Sancerre

Over the last several decades, the name Sancerre has become synonymous with premium dry white wine, making it the safe choice for consumers with no other requirements. As such, it's become one of wine's greatest hits, a wine region with nearly unparalleled brand recognition and customer devotion. This is fair, as virtually any Sancerre is taut, articulate, and often of reliably good quality.

Much of that vinous consistency owes to its ideal climatic and geographic conditions. Sancerre possesses some of the most enviable white wine terroir in all of France. Yet, the irony is that despite all the fame, these crucial terroirs are largely unexamined by casual wine drinkers and devoted geeks alike. This same lack of awareness extends beyond terroir; many fans of the region are totally unfamiliar with the names of its best and most historic winemakers—producers who define the possibilities of what Sancerre can be. 

But this is slowly changing. Today we’re looking at just some of the fundamental aspects of the region, and I will be writing a few more blogs which will serve to look at Sancerre in greater detail. 

Read Part One of the Guide to the Terroir of Sancerre HERE.