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Should you age Beaujolais?

Have you ever wondered about aging Beaujolais? 

It’s not something that many people discuss. In fact, when we were thinking about writing this post we could find very little already written about it. 

But, many of the Beaujolais wines we love age beautifully!

You don’t have to be a rich wine collector to age wine, Beaujolais is a perfect region to dip your foot into because of its value. 

Here, in Beaujolais’ Crus, you can find a cellar-worthy wine--maybe even one you love on release--to lay down for a few years and experiment with. Now’s your chance to finally discover if you like old wine (it’s certainly not everyone’s cup of team, but we can’t get enough of it!). 

We built a collection, below. So peruse, and grab a six pack: some to drink, some to cellar and drink over the next few years. 

Don’t take my word for it--head on over to our blog to learn all the WHY’s and HOW’s of Aging Beaujolais. It’s important stuff! 

Shop Cellar-worthy Beaujolais in NYC.