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We love the Women of Beaujolais!

Beaujolais is a special wine region. There is a particular magic in the combination of quality terroir and relatively cheap real estate. This leads to innovation and progress! 

We’ve touched on this magic before. In Beaujolais, we see a microcosm of the future of wine--or at least, the best-case future. Natural winemaking, newcomers, and--the subject of today’s post--revolutionary women! 

Some of Beaujolais’ top names just happen to be women’s names! Camille Lapierre, Anne-Sophie Dubois, Mee Goddard, and countless others are taking over a family business or starting estates of their very own. This, unfortunately, is simply not the historical norm. 

Of course, some of our favorite winemakers from all over are women (Hannah Selbach of Selbach-Oster and Angela Osborne of Tribute to Grace, instantly come to mind). But historically that hasn't been the case. It has been much harder for women to get financing, land -- ultimately, the opportunity to make wine. In regions with pricier land and less of a reputation for upstart winemakers, that often still seems to be the case, just as it surely is in restaurants and other parts of the food and wine industry. Yes, unfortunately, wine is still an industry, like too many others, controlled primarily by male gate-keepers. 

Lucky for all of us, Beaujolais has become home to many female winemakers who make some of our hands-down, no-brainer, favorite wines! 

All this to say, we adore the women of Beaujolais! So much so, that we got together and wrote a whole blog covering some of our favorites. Before hopping over and reading our profiles of these spectacular pioneers of industry, support them by...you know what I’m going to say next...buying their wine and drinking it! 

Here are some of our favorite wines from some of our favorite winemakers. I recommend grabbing a few of each to make it an even case! Then, head on over to our blog and read all about what makes these wines, and the women at the helm, so special. 



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