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Staff Picks: Thanksgiving Edition!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we've got pairing on the brain! Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to pair wine with Thanksgiving dinner--there's a lot on the table! But, don't sweat it. We've got you covered with some of our favorite wines in the shop. 

That's right, put away the beer! We've got wines to drink while prepping, cooking, eating, and basking in the after-glow. These are our Thanksgiving Staff Picks!

Clara picks Laherte Freres' Champagne Brut Rose de Meunier, NV ($49.99).

Reasons to drink this wine: 1. To give thanks that Champagne is still cold enough for the creation of Laherete Frères Rose de Meunier to be made. 2. While simple wines are best for pairing with your wide array of Turkey-day delights, we should all take time to celebrate with the people we love and enjoy a bottle of something special. 3. This wine takes me to my happy place, so no matter the rhetoric, I'll be having a great time. 


Val picks a magnum of Peter Lauer's Barrel X, 2018 ($49.99).

A Riesling that just toes the line into feinherb territory—juicy, refreshing and barely off-dry—is the perfect accompaniment to the rich foods served at Thanksgiving dinner. And when you bring a big ‘ol bottle to any party, everyone else is automatically impressed. 


Sydney picks Bodegas Yuste's Manzanilla Sherry "Aurora", NV ($19.99). 

Whether you're taking the traditional route with Turkey and stuffing, or mixing it up with ham, or pork, or going completely off book with a seafood dish, this sherry will rock your Thanksgiving table!

Feather light and bone dry, this wine opens with hints of honey, chalk and sea salt on the nose, mingling with warmer tones of apricot and pecan on the palate. The finish is long yet precise, preparing you for that next delicious bite and many more.
JR picks  Oremus' Tokaji Furmint Dry "Mandolas", 2016 ($22.99).

Thanksgiving can be a time of considerable stress and heightened emotions. Even something as simple as choosing a wine can be fraught. This wine will save the day.

It tastes classic, like every great dry white wrapped into one. It has the electric surge of Sancerre--for your cousin, 

a card-carrying member of the "Sauvignon Blanc for Life" society. It has the polished citrus and mineral transparency of Chablis--for your mom who's in the "I Only Drink Chardonnay" camp. It even has the bouquet of a great GG Riesling--wax, salt, peach skin, and flowers.At the same time, this wine is totally unique. It's from Hungary, and made from the noble Furmint.

It's a wine no one has heard of and everyone will love, so perfect that you, the wine geek, will end up bringing the whole family together (for more than just a meal). 


Maggie picks Marcel Lapierre's Morgon, 2018 ($36.99).

Cru Beaujolais is the King of Thanksgiving and Lapierre is the King of Morgon. And, just because the pilgrims escaped from King James VI, doesn't mean we can't enjoy some truly killer wine. With the perfect amount of bright red fruit (think strawberries and perfectly ripe raspberries) this will highlight your bird and stand up to your dad's favorite canned cranberry sauce. Man, I just love this wine!


Chris picks Jauma's Alfred Grenache, 2016 ($49.99).

Grenache really comes alive in the land down under, and this fruity, mineral-driven wine is perfect for pairing with your fourth plate of mashed potatoes. Plus, it's named after the vineyard dog, and what's Thanksgiving without secretly sharing scraps with the dog under the table? 


Jeff picks Arcane Distilling's Fernet ($39.99). 

Nothing like a little homegrown Fernet to help settle your stomach after eating WAY too much Turkey!  Arcane's updated version of the classic digestivo invented in Milan in the 1800's is an instant classic!


Olivia picks Maxime Magnon's Metisse Rose, 2015 ($31.99).

I want to drink this wine year-round (but especially on Thanksgiving)! This isn't your average rosé: it actually drinks more like a light red. Juicy red fruit, soft texture, and supple tannins make it the perfect accompaniment for everything on the table! 


Will picks Laurent Cazottes' Noix du Pays d'Oc, NV ($42.99) and Laurent Cazottes' Eau de Vie Poire Williams, NV ($89.99). 

Straight out of Toulouse, Laurent Cazottes crafts spirits which capture the essence of the autumn harvest. Walnut wine makes a delicious aperitif. It will open up your mind and your appetite for what's ahead. Meanwhile, the Goutte de Poire Williams eau de vie tastes like a PERFECT pear and in my mind there's no higher compliment than that. Together, these will sweeten any holiday sourness. 



 John "Beaver" picks Clos du Fief's Julienas "Cuvee Tradition", 2017 ($19.99).

I love Cru Beaujolais with Thanksgiving dinner.  I also love wines that are a good deal.  I don't think Thanksgiving is the time to open your best wines, the traditional Thanksgiving menu doesn't call for your best Bordeaux or Rioja or what have you.  You want good wine that people can drink a lot of, if they care to. At $19.99 your uncle Charlie can drink all he wants.  Go ahead - open another bottle and everybody help themselves.  Please pass the dressing and gravy please...