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The Story Behind Vouette et Sorbee

Read the full story HERE.

Terrior is fun for wine geeks to talk about. We can go on and on about subtle differences all day. But it really comes down to this: Betrand’s careful attention is what makes his wine so singular and expressive. The very same vibrancy and life that is in the soil, comes through in the Champagne you drink. The same love and care that he puts into the environment surrounding his wines, shows up in the wine itself. Isn’t that why we all drink wine in the first place? Vouette et Sorbee is a prime example of contemporary values intersecting with prime terrior and good old fashioned yumminess. He does all this--remarkably--without ego.


You can read the entire story behind this icon of Biodynamic Viticulture HERE on our main blog. The story is fascinating and it gives the already fascinating and expressive wines an enriching context.