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FEATURED: Sec Symbole with Depth

We love doing this new weekly blog series. If you haven’t already you can check out our the wines we’ve featured the last few weeks: Ochota Barrels, Chenin from Weisskopf, and last week we compared Valdespino Sherry to Champagne.

This week we were set our sights on a wine that truly rocked our worlds. If you read the newsletter, you saw this wine was coupled up with another terrific wine, Broc’s Love Red. As always, the best source for wine stories with deepest discounts is our Newsletter. Subscribe HERE. But, with our featured blog series, we are able to zoom in even further and give additional information on our favorite story of the week.


Today’s Featured Wine: “Sec Symbole” from Le Sot de l’Ange.

Occasionally, when we are tasting wines, something miraculous happens. A ripple of excitement moves through the shop. It starts with mutters of “Oh. This is good.” Then it grows into glasses being passed around. Second pours. We all seem to realize at once: This is good. Such was the case when we tasted Sec Symbole. It is really good.

We’d be lying if we said we were totally into it from the start. We love wines that incorporate some tongue and cheek labels or names. But often, the wine in the bottle doesn’t back it up with substance. This wine simply blew us away. It’s clean and pure and has a mesmerizing golden hue. Why say it any other way: it’s sexy!

This stunner is super fresh. It comes from the husband-wife team (yes, there’s love!) of Quentin and Angelique and their winery Le Sot de l'Ange. Quentin Bourse learned to make Chenin Blanc at the famous and traditional Domaine Huet. Now he grows the same grape, along with others, in the Touraine village of Azay le Rideau. There, they are just about the only folks who work biodynamically and naturally. They’ve been farming the vineyard biodynamically for over 10 years--even rarer in their area. This spirit and singularity shines through the bottle with incredible clarity. The wine speaks for itself.

"Sec Symbole" is a blend of Chenin Blanc (two thirds) and Sauvignon Blanc (one third). It is really friggin' delicious. We honestly cannot say this enough. This wine tastes so good. On a first date, you’re looking for a fresh and easy connection. On first taste, this wine is just that and more: downright yummy (which, I suppose doesn’t hurt on a first date, either).

Keep tasting and you get more--much more. The fun and freshness is still there, but it is backed up by a salty texture — thanks to silex soils. The silex is practically bursting from their vineyards. The rocks pop out all over the rows of vines, as if the terroir is saying “if you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

The wine also shows off a range of bright fruits like green apple, peaches and pear, and soil notes of honey and tar. To go back to our dating metaphor, one last time: the initial spark is still there, but now a true connection has been formed to back it up. This is not one-and-done wine. Perfect every day Chenin Blanc, especially when the day is February 14!

Buy it now:
Le Sot de l'Ange, Sec Symbole, 2018 $24.99