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Staff Picks: 2020 Valentine's Day Wines

We've gathered together to celebrate the happy union of you...and wine! Forgive the Valentine's Day-isms. Whether you have someone special this season or not, we have to suggest some truly lovable wines. 

Instead of going individual picks this time around, we decided to compile a list of perfect wines for all types of Valentine's celebration. Every situation, from lifting you out of a post-break up stupor to celebrating another year of romance--we have you covered. 

Here we go!

When U+Me=4eva: 

 Thibaud Boudignon, Rosé de Loire, 2018 $22.99

Boudignon's Rosé is a favorite year after year. Valentine's day doesn't need to be serious! Sometimes it's about having a fun evening with your friends or your crush! These are the moments when you simply must turn to Rosé de Loire. Crisp acidity keeps you coming back for a second, third, fourth sip of this juicy wine.   


When you Deserve Decadence:

 Von Winning's Rieslings

Von Winning's Rieslings are impeccable. They are gorgeous and elevated well above being the accessory to any evening or meal. The entire line up is so good that we couldn't agree on just one to choose for Valentine's. So, we've linked to all the Rieslings. The labels tell you a bit about the wine: They are lovely, classic, bottled decadence. You don't need a special occasion to pop a few bottles, but you have one, so why not! Valentine's day: perfect for Riesling!


When you're Craving Wild Nights:

 Le Sot de l'Ange, Sec Symbole, 2018 $24.99

We can't help ourselves. The word play is just too perfect. Sometimes when we taste a wine for the first time, a ripple of excitement runs through the store. Everyone is whispering and passing around glasses to sniff or sip. Such was the case when we tried Sec Symbole. It's as pure and clean as mineral water, with bright white and orange fruit and a back bone of minerality. Go crazy, get a couple bottles, and party! You deserve it!


When you are Dressed to Impress:

Montevertine, Rosso di Toscana, 2016 $66.99 

This wine. This. Wine. I'll do my best not to wax poetic for too long, but, this is truly magic in a bottle. With about an hour, the palette opens up to become complete and complex. The finish goes on and on. This is the wine to pull out if you're looking to impress that special some one. I'm not sure we've been more excited, in the shop, about another bottle all year. 


When you Spice Things Up:

GD Vajra, Barolo Albe, 2015 $35.99

All the serious romance of Barolo is here. But it's brighter and more lifted, making it a perfect Valentine's wine. There's spicy black pepper and leather. The cherry fruit jumps out of the glass and the pallet is grounded by cranberry, blood orange and chewy tannins. If you're having a date night, perhaps with steak or pork, this wine will be the perfect addition. Impeccable, romantic, and just spicy enough. 


When Flowers Wilt:

 Anne-Sophie Dubois, Fleurie "l'Alchemiste", 2018 $26.99

Put down those bodega flowers! Right now! Put them down! Your date does not need those. Instead, what they really want (we talked) is Fleurie. Anne-Sophie Dubois is relatively new on the scene and she consistently impresses us. Vintage after vintage these wines knock it out of the park; 2018 is no different. We would put her wines up against good Burgundy, any day. Valentine's day calls for a little fun, a little love, and a lot of agreeability. Anne-Sophie has all three in spades. L'Alchimiste is the fresher, lighter of the two wines we have right now. So, it gets our vote for drinking now, especially if you're looking for pop-and-pour. But, you should consider opening both side by side. 


When Staying In > Settling:

Istine, Chianti Classico Vigna Istine, 2016 $44.99

Say it louder, for the people in the back: Staying in does not equal settling! Cozy up with a good movie and a great glass of wine. Make some pasta at home for you and your loved ones instead of going out to dinner, if that's more your speed. And, open something a little special. You don't have to break the bank to get wine that qualifies as a "step-up." This tuscan gem is beautiful and will say "Hey, this is a special night because you're special!" ...Or at least that's what I was telling my roommates last time I had a few glasses of Istine. And guess what? They are special! 


When Valentine's comes 2nd to Galentine's: 

 Broc Cellars, Love Red, 2018 $19.99

What's better than Like Red? Love Red! We simply adore this wine! We've been big fans of Broc Cellars for several vintages. They repeatedly produce joyful, clean natural wines from California. I'm sure many of you tried the Love Rosé last summer (which we had in bottles and cans). Well, this is the Love Red. All the fun, freshness, and ferocity but packed in a pure, slightly more elegant, red wine. It's light bodied, could use a chill, and will have all of your pals begging for one more glass. Make vision boards! Burn effigies! Order take-out from next door! This wine pairs with it all. 


 When it's love:

 Vacheron, Sancerre Blanc, 2018 $37.99

You never forget true love. We keep going back for more Vacheron. This wine is pure love in the glass. One of the greatest producers in Sancerre, takes a classic to the next level. Get your love what they love at its best: Sauvignon Blanc, beat for the Gods. It's a no-brainer for Valentine's day. 

 When Romance is Rekindled:

Savart, Champagne Brut Premier Cru "L'Accomplie", NV $69.99 

You didn't think we could let you go without a Champagne recommendation, did you? This time, we're setting our sights on Savart. This is Premier Cru Champagne for only $70. It's bright, vibrant, packed with powerful flavor, and completely indulgent. Nothing says romance or celebration quite like Champagne. Without a doubt, if you're coming in for Valentine's day wine, we'll ask "Champagne...or something else?" Don't settle for something else, get you and your special someone something worth savoring. We're recommending L'Accomplie. We popped a bottle in the shop recently and it was to die for. 


Happy Valentine's day!! We'll see you back on the blog tomorrow with our Featured Newsletter Story.