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We're on Resy! Schedule a Free Consultation.

Hi friends,

We’re on RESY! 

You can now schedule short, virtual consultations with our staff. Thanks to the folks over at RESY, it’s now easier than ever to get all the advice you need in picking out wines. 

During a free consultation we’ll cover any questions you may have about wine and wine buying. Consultations are totally DIY, but some examples of what we can assist you with are below. 

The main thing to know, is that you can always give us a call at (212)477-1315.

This is just one more easy way to build our relationship! We want you to feel totally comfortable asking us any questions you may have--we’re here to help you and to facilitate the best, most enjoyable wine experience possible.

Again, we can help you with anything at all during these consultations, but here are some ideas to get you going

  • General Wine & Spirits Consultation -- Get help over the phone in finding everything from a dependable classic to a cutting edge. 
  • Wine 101 Consultation -- Do you need helping starting your journey into the vast, often confusing world of wine? Whether it's just a bottle pairing with dinner or planning a little at-home wine tasting, we're right here to help. 
  • Reasonable Cellar Consultation -- Are you lost on how to start cellaring wine? This is perfect if you want help looking for the right regions, producers, and vintages to buy deep and lay down.
  • Virtual Private/Corporate Wine Class Consultation -- We're here to assist you in setting up and hosting a myriad of private and corporate events including wine tastings and classes. 
  • Wedding/Event Consultation -- Throwing a party? The math of how much liquor and wine can be complicated. We'll help you with the right bottles and buys for your budget. 
  • Gift Consultation -- Let us assist you by taking the stress out of giving. 

Check us out and make your reservations here