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Barolo Breakdown: Part 4, Castiglione is here!

Read our guide to Castigione di Falletto HERE

I adore Barolo’s extremes.  The intensely floral wines of La Morra can be out-of-control enchanting, and the mysterious depths of Serralunga could keep me entertained for hours…if  only the bottles could last that long.

But I also adore Castiglione di Falletto and for completely the opposite reason: it is balanced

The best wines – from Rocche, of course, but not just there -- possess a regal-ness and composure that is only possible when you stray from the opposite ends of a spectrum and wander towards the happy middle.  

Here, you have wines that have intense structure and aromas – of course, as this is Barolo! – but also poise.  Maybe it doesn’t quite strike you as strongly on that first sip, as do wines from some other villages. But elegance is like that. Get to the end of the first glass and you will be thoroughly persuaded to pour yourself a second.

The proof is in the impressive list of top producers and vineyard sites – despite being the smallest of the five major Barolo villages.

Read our guide to Castigione di Falletto HERE