Andi Knauss

In a small town in Germany, known (if at all) for its Mercedes factory, Andi Knauss is producing some of the coolest, cleanest natural wines we know--and at very attractive prices. His forebears may have been making gulpable wine to take the edge off after a 12-hour shift at the factory, but Andi’s goals are much loftier.

His wines are imported to the states by Selection Massale; we love the dynamic and super-natural wines they bring in, and their dedication to responsible farming and small wineries. They make no apologies for keeping their selection limited and immaculately curated.

Recognizing that there was a gaping hole in the market for delicious, refreshing natural wine at reasonable price points, Selection Massale introduced their Boutanche line some years back and we’ve been hooked ever since. It’s an exclusive range of wines selected from their roster of natural superstars, that can be sold for less than $20. What’s not to like?

Working primarily with Riesling for white wines and Trollinger for reds, Andi’s focus is on freshness and a real sense of place—he’s slowly built up a 14 hectare estate on some of the best limestone terroir around. After enology school and a stint making wine in Austria, Andi painstakingly converted his family’s estate to organic farming.