Big Gifts for Big Celebrations - Magnums and More

There's a thrill to getting a big bottle of wine as a gift. Part of it just "Yeah, more wine!" And part of it is the sheer drama of the big bottle.

But it's more than that. Large formats last longer and evolve more slowly, developing even more complexity than their little brothers in 750s. And even if you aren't going to age your large format for so lnog, thre's something about the a wine that has bone straight from the winemaker's vat to your 1.5L or 3L bottle that makes it feel that much closer to the vines. You can taste the berries and the soil. You smell the earth and almost hear the wind blowing through the vines. 

Why wouldn't you want to give that gift to someone?

Here are some of our absolute favorites for showing your friends, family and colleagues just how much you really care!

Best of all, we've got large formats in red, in white, Champagne, and even in Cider! No matter what they love, they'll love it more if there's more of it.